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Tips & Tricks: Using a SharePoint Links List

As an example, let’s take a project site, one of many in your organization. Each project has many unique documents. Those should be stored in a document library. But what about all of those reference documents? You probably have some genetic standards, policies, reference tables, etc. that are the same for every project but you want to make sure they are available and easy to find. A traditional approach would have you copy all of those documents to the each project’s document library. That means each document exists many times and, chances are, in many versions. A better approach would be to use a links list (or links list app in 2013). No matter where the reference documents live you can create a link to them. You can even link to outside websites to reference ISO standards, vendor pages, government bidding or contract information, etc. Since these lists might be the same or similar for most projects consider adding the completed list to your project site template. Now you have all of your information handy with no document duplication or outdated versions.

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