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George earns the CCC Technology Associate Certification

CCC Cloud Technology Associate LogoYesterday I finally got around to taking (and passing) the Virtualization Essentials (VE) exam put out by ITPreneurs. The VE exam is actually the first of two exams for the CCC Technology Associate Certification, the second being CompTIA’s Cloud Essentials Professional (CEP) exam.

While still a young organization, the Cloud Credential Council (CCC) has ambitious plans to standardize vendor-neutral certifications for the emerging cloud industry. In this way they are similar to the much more established CompTIA. In fact, CompTIA has picked up the first exam, the CEP, under their own brand. For now the VE course and exam languish in obscurity which is a real shame. The VE course together with the CEP course make a very solid introduction to cloud computing fundamentals and is of value to business decision makers, IT leadership, the C-suite, project managers, and others involved in an organizations decision to enter the cloud.

Both the VE and CEP courses are available through Sawyer Training. We are a member of the CCC and aCCC authorized training partner.

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Disclaimer: George occasionally serves as a reviewer of ITpreneurs curriculum and frequently teaches VE and CEP courses. STI is a member of CCC and an authorized training partner.

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